Electronic Voucher Distribution Software

Electronic Voucher Distribution Software – What is EVD Software?

Mobogaze Electronic Voucher Distribution is an application software that operates the online process of credit top-up of airtime simplifying the process of Prepaid Recharge with control of information and real-time reports.

What is Electronic Voucher Distribution Software?

In the digital world, we do most things virtually like making virtual friends, shopping from a virtual platform, traveling places virtually, and so on. And the future is about to be more virtualization and it is not wondering things that we have started transacting money digitally. The EVD Software allows you to pay your bills, recharge your mobile phones, purchase in retail stores, book tickets, and buy lotteries with e-money. Electronic Voucher Distribution Software demands some information after selecting the service you want and then you will get vouchers.

How does Electronic Voucher Distribution Software work?

Two major components of Electronic Voucher Distribution Software are a centralized web server and a portable Point-of-Sale terminal. The companies operate the Web server and the companies’ dealers have a POS terminal unit in their retail stores. The users can avail of any type of digital service by entering their account information in the POS and the amount to be recharged. All the information is sent to the server and the server sends a recharge code to the terminal.

The user’s account will be reflected with the debited amount and at the end of the transaction, POS will generate a voucher for the customer. The receiving voucher can be downloaded or stored in the terminal as a record. Once the information is verified, the next transaction can be made without PIN information being sent back to the terminal. As the voucher transaction happens, ther retailer receives the acknowledgment of the balance. EVD Software keeps track of sales data like daily sales, denominal-wise sales, and event blogs.

Electronic Voucher Distribution System Applications

The EVD System also comes into the hands of the customers as well as the dealers and that handy system is called the EVD System Applications that is being used for recharging hour prepaid connection or paying the post-paid bills for mobile phones. The EVD System Applications offer simpler solutions for booking tickets and bank transactions.

The EVD System ensures easier card recharge options for customers who can obtain a voucher beforehand using the EVD System with calling codes for international calling. The Point-of-Sale system is made to read the consumers’ credit/debit cards in retail stores.

Why Electronic Voucher Distribution

There are so many advantages of EVD Software that’s why it is necessary to use Electronic Voucher Distribution Software. The first advantage of it is that it is safe. The customers need not worry about carrying money in their pickets anymore. If they keep little precaution, this EVD Software allows them to make the transaction in an ideal way to shop.

If we look at his system from the point of view of dealers, the EVD System is much less work. Due to the EVD system, you don’t need to have printing of physical vouchers or maintaining a whole new database. This EVD system saves a lot of time and money and it is the smart way to handle business transactions.

If we look at the EVD system from the point of view of manufacturers, it offers much transparency with the dealers. The manufacturer can know the complete information of past sales and transactions with the dealers.

Mobogaze EVD Software features

  • User-defined Vendors, Retailers, Products, Denominations
  • Selective privilege to Distributors, Sub-Distributors and Retailers
  • Creation of Sub-users with privilege assigned
  • Specific commission structure to each Distributor, Sub-Distributor, and Retailer
  • Programmable Broadcast and Advertisement messages to Retailers
  • Duplicate receipt printing based on specific rules
  • Detailed Reports
  • Customized reporting feature to the end user
  • Remote updates of terminal software (optional)
  • PIN migration from one denomination to another
  • Modes of Communication: GSM, Wi-Fi, Ethernet
  • Instructive Help index
  • Deposit through Excel to Retailers
  • Pin voucher tracking based on serial number
  • Reduced logistics
  • No ‘Out of Stock’ problems
  • Availability in all denominations RCV’s/ Top-up’s
  • Minimize fraud & theft
  • Centralized control of information
  • Real-time sales reports

EVD System Key Features

  • Ability to manage devices, customers, and device users on the server side
  • Mapping between devices to customers (Retailers)
  • Security/login information
  • Audit-trail/log management
  • MIS Reports (Registration Reports, Transaction Reports, Sales Reports, Deposit Summary Reports, Performance Reports, Management Reports, Reconciliation Reports, etc.)
  • Reporting functionality
  • Web-based functions for Admin/Distributor/Sub-Distributor/Retailer /Vendor access via portal
  • Real-time access to Retailer/Dealers/Retail Outlets account activity
  • A comprehensive user-friendly system

To Know more about the Best Voucher Management System.

Best Voucher Management System

What is The Best Voucher Management System at the Best Price in Saudi Arabia?

Voucher Management System is a type of platform or solution that is used by Mobile Network Operators to manage the end-to-end life cycle of voucher recharge codes. You know Voucher Management System as VMS or different types of terms including Electronic Voucher Management System, Electronic Voucher Distribution System, Digital Voucher Management System, and e-voucher management system.

Mobogaze is one of the leading platforms that offers a Voucher Management System to create and define denominations, generate recharge voucher codes, manage print vendors, distribute the voucher codes, track the vouchers, and redeem the voucher codes. 

Best Voucher Management System | Voucher Distribution System

If you are searching for the best voucher management system then first you will have to understand the main touchpoint of calling a platform the best voucher management system. A best voucher management system allows for the support of payment gateways, the best services to be paid for, a nominal amount payable, and the best account to which it is payable.

Voucher Management System 1

Best Voucher Management System at Best Price | Digital Voucher Management System

It depends on the service you are taking from the Voucher management system. Hence, we can define no fixed amount as the best price for any voucher management system. Still, Mobogaze is the best voucher management system at the best price in all the world especially in India and Saudi Arabia that provides the best services or price to any individual for voucher services.

What is the Best Voucher Management System in Saudi Arabia?

The voucher Management System is used to create and control the whole life cycle of recharge codes for vouchers to automate the process of managing the voucher life cycle. The digital voucher management system integrates and communicates with several network nodes and users receive the recharge code via SMS or in-app communications.

If we talk about the best voucher management system in Saudi Arabia then there are so many voucher distribution platforms that provide voucher services but Mobogaze Private Limited is ruling there as the best voucher management system in Saudi Arabia. 

Mobogaze provides the different payment platforms that are given below:

  • EVD Software
  • Voucher Management
  • eTopup Software
  • Mobile Money
  • Telecom VAS

FAQs About Best Voucher Management System

What is a Voucher Management System?

Voucher Management System is a type of platform or solution that is used by Mobile Network Operators to manage the end-to-end life cycle of voucher recharge codes.

What is a VMS Voucher?

The voucher Management System is used to create and control the whole life cycle of recharge codes for vouchers to automate the process of managing the voucher life cycle.

What is an e-voucher system?

An e-voucher system is a digital voucher system that enables merchants to easily generate design and issue digital coupons or e-vouchers.