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What is a Electronic Voucher Management System?

Know How

The Electronic Voucher Management System is a software solution developed by the leading provider of Electronic Voucher distribution and management systems.

When it comes to electronic voucher management software in the telecom industry, MobEVD is the top choice. Offering both physical and electronic voucher systems, MoboGage provides software that effectively handles the distribution of electronic vouchers.

This software, also referred to as EVD software or electronic voucher distribution software, plays a vital role in generating and distributing vouchers for telecom companies vouchers, online gaming companies vouchers, and other businesses that utilize loyalty reward coupons. Additionally, E-Voucher is synonymous with a voucher management system or digital card distribution system.

Electronic Voucher Management System
Electronic Voucher Management System
Voucher Management System
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About EVD System

Why telecom companies need Voucher management system?

Telecom companies are looking for VAS partners to encourage the use of electronic voucher distribution to facilitate the sale of vouchers through mobile apps or point-of-sale (POS) systems. It will help them to reduce the operational costs, logistic requirements, and other several benefits over physical voucher distribution.

This highlights the essential need for an electronic voucher management system within the telecom industry. Our solution simplifies the process of generating, uploading, and distributing vouchers while ensuring a secure lifecycle. By leveraging our voucher distribution system, telecom companies, and their resellers can conveniently sell vouchers via mobile apps and handheld POS devices that are compatible with Android and Linux platforms.


Key Use Cases

A Digital wallet or Merchant payment platform with mobile money is the core expertise of MoboGage, We offer a NEO Banking platform to fulfill your digital payment requirements. Cross-border payments, QR Code payments, Airtime Distribution, and electronic voucher distribution with International top-up software using Ding and Transfer-to.  The platform gives you flexibility, security, and scalability to deliver a mobile money system with an e-wallet. Mobile payment platforms are secured with a blockchain security token system also.

We are Deploying Global Solutions

How to Design a coupon and voucher distribution & management Software ?

Our Mission Is To Promote Digital Payments across the globe with increased customer satisfaction.

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Reasons to Choose MoboGage as Your EVD System Design Partner

EVD System Design Partner
our Process

EVD Systems are not like any general ERP systems but a complete life cycle of voucher distribution from voucher generation to voucher sales via POS. Electronic voucher distribution system by MoboGage helps to drive this mobile payment Eco-system using centralized mobile wallet and e-voucher management at a central distribution process.

Electronic Voucher Management System
01. Build Prototypes

All our voucher distribution apps are unique in design and offer complete control to manage voucher distribution system.

Electronic Voucher Management System
02. Development

Our experienced team make sure that all the modules are error free and secured for production system.

03. Lunch Exprience

Our Beta Launch involves 7 days client developer communication to quick start over production run.

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