Benefits of Mobile Payment Terminal for Telecom Companies

POS Terminal for telecom companies offers wide benefits and increases in company revenue too. POS terminals are used to deliver all possible services through their agent network including airtime distribution, VAS service activation, Subscriptions, and electronic voucher distribution.
MoboGage offer best in class electronic voucher management system for telecom companies and also for enterprises who are willing to become an aggregator for all available telecom companies in the country. It’s not just telecom vouchers that can be covered in the EVD system, MoboEVD also offers Gift cards and vouchers for gaming companies including Apple Itunes, Google Play, PUBG, Play station, etc.
Using gift card distribution, Telecom companies can offer a wide range of subscription services using a POS terminal system. Relatively all these horizontal scales of business give your exponential growth in company renewal and sales.
Mobile Payment terminals also offer an option to extend Mobile money and merchant payment system for telecom companies.

Our experts are available to give you free business consultation to start the Mobile Money or Voucher management system in your country.

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