Scope of Airtime Distribution Software in Saudi Arabia

Airtime Distribution software is working as an extension of the Voucher Management system. Since voucher management software offers you great control over your digital voucher inventory management, Companies have their focus to replace the POS terminals too.

For airtime distribution extension we need to have API connectivity from telecom companies. Currently, we are providing direct connectivity for electronic vouchers for all major telecom companies in Saudi Arabia including STC, ZAIN, Virgin, Mobily, Friendi telecom.

Telecom companies in Saudi Arabia are targeted for highly efficient, secure and fast voucher distribution options considering the reduced operational cost for the telcos. MoboGage Electronic Voucher Distribution software is the best choice for telecom companies in Saudi Arabia where we offer 360-degree voucher management from generation, redeem, resell, and bulk sales with easy to use of web interface and other Omni channel connectivity including Android and IOS app, POS terminal application and USSD gateway.




Why Telecom Companies are replacing Printed vouchers with Electronic Vouchers

Physical voucher management has never been easy for telecom companies. A major shortcoming is live inventory tracking in the market, Physical voucher is also a big trouble in terms of logistics management, Handling, distribution, and recollection. Issues do not end here, Sometime when the government changes taxes, it’s hard to replace the vouchers in the market.

To overcome all these issues Telecom companies are highly interested in resolving the issue of physical vouchers. Electronic voucher distribution is one of the great options here. Using POS terminals, Telecom companies can easily track actual inventory in the market. Simultaneously telecom companies will also have the option to manage expired vouchers, complaints related to vouchers, and cross-zone selling of vouchers using the specific assignment flow of MoboGage electronic voucher management system.


Benefits of Mobile Payment Terminal for Telecom Companies

POS Terminal for telecom companies offers wide benefits and increases in company revenue too. POS terminals are used to deliver all possible services through their agent network including airtime distribution, VAS service activation, Subscriptions, and electronic voucher distribution.
MoboGage offer best in class electronic voucher management system for telecom companies and also for enterprises who are willing to become an aggregator for all available telecom companies in the country. It’s not just telecom vouchers that can be covered in the EVD system, MoboEVD also offers Gift cards and vouchers for gaming companies including Apple Itunes, Google Play, PUBG, Play station, etc.
Using gift card distribution, Telecom companies can offer a wide range of subscription services using a POS terminal system. Relatively all these horizontal scales of business give your exponential growth in company renewal and sales.
Mobile Payment terminals also offer an option to extend Mobile money and merchant payment system for telecom companies.

Our experts are available to give you free business consultation to start the Mobile Money or Voucher management system in your country.


How Mobile Money Changing the Global Economy

Mobile money refers to financial transactions that are conducted using a mobile phone, rather than in person or via traditional banking channels. It allows users to transfer money, pay bills, and access other financial services using their mobile devices. MoboGage offers secured and highly efficient Digital wallet software.

Mobile money has the potential to revolutionize the way people access financial services, particularly in developing countries where traditional banking infrastructure may be limited. It can provide financial inclusion to people who may not have access to traditional banking services, and allow them to participate in the formal economy.

Top 5 things to consider in Mobile money and digital wallet system

  • Security: Ensuring the security of mobile money and digital wallet systems is of the utmost importance. This includes measures such as secure login procedures, encrypted data transmission, and fraud detection and prevention.
  • Ease of use: Mobile money and digital wallet systems should be easy for users to understand and navigate. This includes having a user-friendly interface and clear instructions for performing different actions.
  • Payment options: It is important to offer a variety of payment options, such as the ability to pay with debit or credit cards, or to link to a bank account. This allows users to choose the payment method that is most convenient for them.
  • Fees: Consideration should be given to any fees associated with using the mobile money or digital wallet system. These fees should be clearly communicated to users and should be competitive with other payment options.
  • Customer support: Good customer support is essential for mobile money and digital wallet systems. This includes having knowledgeable staff available to answer questions and resolve any issues that may arise. It is also important to have multiple channels of support, such as phone, email, and live chat.

Mobile money can also improve the efficiency of financial transactions and reduce the cost of conducting business. In countries where mobile money is widely used, it has been shown to increase economic activity and contribute to economic growth.

Overall, mobile money has the potential to greatly impact the global economy by increasing financial inclusion, improving the efficiency of financial transactions, and driving economic growth.