What is an Electronic Voucher

What is an Electronic Voucher? How does it work?

Mobogage Electronic Voucher System enables merchants to easily generate digital coupons or electronic vouchers and merchants can set up promotional campaigns to more customers and increase sales.

In this blog, you will explore ‘What is an Electronic Voucher? How does it work?’.

What is an Electronic Voucher?

Electronic Voucher is usually delivered to the customer by email or SMS. It can be printed and redeemed in-store using a PIN code. The electronic voucher has a 12-digit code consisting of numbers and upper case letters which is entered on the website to get a discount for an online grocery order or another online shopping, recharge service.

How does Electronic Voucher work?

Electronic Voucher is an Electronic Voucher distribution system that employs electronic distribution channels to generate virtual vouchers for merchants and agents via an EFT/POS terminal, web portal, and mobile app. It can be provided on demand or downloaded and stored in the terminal for later sale.

Where can it be used?

It can be used on any online platform by applying the voucher code on the website. Here is the list of online platforms where you can use it.

  • Supermarkets
  • Restaurants
  • Takeaways
  • Book Tokens
  • Clothing Shopping
  • Electricals
  • Beauty
  • Tickets & Travel
  • Outdoor and Experiences
  • Apps & Gaming platform
  • Home & Garden
  • Cafe
  • Gifts
  • Energy Vouchers

How to get an Electronic Voucher?

To avail of the Electronic Voucher, you have to enter your email address or mobile number to get your voucher. A link is sent to your email through which you can redeem the voucher amount.

How long does an Electronic Voucher last?

The purchased Electronic Voucher has no expiry date. Some Electronic Voucher is valid for at least 5 years from the issue date.